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    п»їWedding accessories: Bridal jewelry for each type of dress |
    If you've already chosen the wedding dress, it's time to start thinking about wedding accessories like jewelry. Did you think that choosing the dress was going to be the hardest thing? You are probably now realizing that looking for the right jewels that enhance your neckline, your figure and your hairstyle is also an adventure.
    Basic tips for choosing wedding jewelry Actually, it is not that difficult, or rather we can help you make the choice a bit easier, by following some simple tricks.
    To begin, you should know that the choice of wedding jewelry depends a lot on the style of the dress, the color and, above all, on the type of neckline.
    You should also keep in mind this fundamental premise: 'less is more', so unless you are a great fashionista and know all the fashion tricks, it is best to always opt for few ornate looks that enhance the jewels in one area of ​​your body
    As for the style of the dress, if your dress is romantic, choose jewels that enhance romanticism, such as vintage jewelry. If it is very modern, choose straight lines in your jewelry. And if it is a little more neutral, you can play with all kinds of jewelry.
    Finally, remember that the most important thing is that you feel comfortable with yourself, so do not force yourself to wear something that you do not feel that represents you or with what you simply do not see yourself.
    What jewelry to choose depending on the color of the dress The color of the metals in your jewelry also varies depending on the color of the wedding dress.
    If your dress is ivory, usually the metal that will be best is gold, since it highlights the creaminess of the fabric.
    Pure white or nuclear dresses look good on shiny metals, so you can opt for silver or platinum and pearl details.
    If the wedding dress is diamond white, you can opt for yellow gold, rose gold, silver or pearls.
    For champagne wedding dresses, it is recommended to combine them with gold jewelry, polished silver and colored gemstones.
    For pastel dresses, pastel pink or pastel blue type that are increasingly fashionable, you can opt for rose gold or platinum, as well as diamonds.
    With dresses of other colors or with prints, everything depends on the color, but remember to try not to overload the look, because the color is already enough to get attention.
    Bridal jewelry depending on the type of neckline
    Each neckline cut requires a type of jewelry on the wedding dresses. Take note!
    1. Jewelry for wedding dress with straight neckline and strapless
    The straight and strapless neckline, that is what is popularly called ‘word of honor' you have three limited options: long necklace, long earrings or choker. Straight and strapless necklines are clean, so you can play to enhance some area of ​​your face with jewels, such as ears or cleavage. You can opt for long diamond or vintage type earrings if you decide to wear your hair, so you can get attention to your face. Or if you will wear semi-picked or loose hair, you may decide on a long pearl necklace, strategically placed on your neck and chest. For the most daring and fashion, you can also opt for a sophisticated style choker, with rhinestones in gold or silver.
    2. If your wedding dress is sweetheart neckline For heart necklines, opt for colorful but minimalist earrings that have a fall. If your neck is long, enjoy incredible minimalist long earrings, if instead your neck is short, also shorten the length of the earrings, but have the same characteristics. If you want to wear a necklace, you can opt for thin and round necklaces, that is, they do not fall at the peak. Or if you want to give a leading touch to your jewelry, you can opt for necklaces inspired in the 20's that fall on the shoulders.
    3. Jewelry for a wedding dress with square neckline If the neckline of your dress is square you can play with colorful and ornate necklaces that enhance the neckline opening. You can choose round pearl and gold necklaces or necklaces that fall at the peak, for example a necklace full of diamonds. Of course, the necklace should be filling the space of your neckline in the middle, without it being too high or too low. Also, if you want to feel like a Victorian queen, you can choose to wear a tiara crowning your hairstyle. With this type of neckline they look great, especially if they are dressed with short sleeves.
    4. Wedding dresses with round neckline: types of jewelry
    Round necklines are traditional and very feminine. They are also quite versatile, so they admit many types of jewelry, yes, they must be delicate jewelry, without being too bulky and ornate. If the neckline is open, you can use V-shaped necklaces that have delicate motifs, bracelets, fine and small earrings or even short veils with embedded rhinestones. If the neckline is very closed, then the ideal is to focus on the jewels in the hairstyle, with combs inlaid with rhinestones or Greek crowns. If you want to wear earrings, they must be small and delicate.
    5. Types of bare shoulder jewelery
    They are a type of neckline widely used for boho chic wedding dresses. They have a certain retro air, so you can wear chokers, colorful earrings with drop or boho type with double grip on the ear. You can also choose to add jewelry to your semi-picked in the back of the hair or in the lateral area.
    6. Jewelry for wedding dresses with halter neckWedding dresses with halter neck usually have embroideries or transparencies in the neckline and neck area that are already sufficient to adorn it. Therefore, jewelry is often used in interwoven hair with different hairstyles with combs adorned with rhinestones, flowers with pearls or Greek type crowns, among others.
    7. Wedding dresses with a neckline in VA this type of dress is great for choker, long and thin pendants, delicate thread or chain and medium or long colorful earrings. If the V-neck is on the back, you can opt for a chain pendant with a drop in the back area.
    You may also like: Wedding shoes 2017: From Christian Louboutin to Pronovias, the most chic <PHOTOS> and The 10 wedding trends that will mark 2017

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