On-Line Membership Application Form

I   (Full Name)
Of (Street Address)
(Suburb) (State) (Postcode)
Telephone (H) (W) (M)
Email Address
Date of Birth
YNSW Registration Required Yes No
Boat LicenceYes No    RSA CertYes No
Child Protection Cert Yes No    Food Handling CertYes No
First Aid Cert Yes No - Expiry Date
Other relevant Qualifications
Yacht / Catamaran / Dinghy Name/s
Vessel Type / Class
I Herby apply to membership of MPASC Inc. In the event of my as member/s I agree to be bound by the Clubs Constitution and Code of Conduct. I give permission for limited personal details to be published in MPASC documents including the MPASC website. All sailing members agree to participate in the Duty Boat roster for Saturday racing. Duty Boat roster include both on and off water duties, including Club canteen duties.
Notes:i.Skipper/Boat Owner Membership fees must be paid prior to commencement of any racing (including Twilight races). Boats who do not meet this requirement will be ineligible to have race(s) included in any point score until such times as the Skipper/Boat Owner pays their Membership fees.
  ii.All other crew membership fees to be paid prior to commencing their 4th race for the racing season (excludes Twilight races). Boats identified as having crew onboard in breach of this condition we be scored DNE (Disqualified - Not Excludable).

I hereby Accept the above mentioned Term and Conditions of Membership to the Mannering Park Amateur Sailing Club.

Please contact me at my email address regarding the purchase of Club 'T' Shirts, Caps and other promotional material.

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